View Full Version : Do Percentiles Matter (for a given GRE score)?

11-30-2007, 09:18 PM
Hi there,

I did my GRE in September 2005. In my original score report, it was written that my score is (percentiles in parentheses):
Q 800 (92)
V 450 (45)
AW 5.0 (70)

Now I have submitted my application to some schools with the above data, and at the same time I asked from ETS to send my scores to the other schools I didn't mention two years ago. They did it and sent me a score report with the following score:
Q 800 (94)
V 450 (46)
AW 5.0 (73)

I guess that since September 2005, more students with lower scores than me have taken the test. But the question is whether I need to bother the admission officers and tell them I need to change the percentiles in the online forms I submitted and therefore can no longer change by myself. If the score is the same, do they care about the percentile? If so, don't they look at the percentiles I reported in the online form or do they look at the official score from ETS?

Thanks a lot

Golden Rule
11-30-2007, 09:38 PM
I'm only guessing, but my impression is TONS of people have this problem, so I can't imagine that they would possibly care. I imagine you have 1000 other more important things to worry about.