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12-02-2007, 09:18 AM
I noticed that cccay just opend a thread about SOP and just to keep the continuity I open this thread and want to ask you all about some other questions on SOP.
One professor helped me to revise my SOP as the following structure:
1. my personal experience in urban issues + my RA experience with my current supervisor who is specialized in this field.
2.what I have learned about urban econ (in essence, some applied micro and macro technique)
3.my previous research in urban issues
?:hmm:--Do you think the ad committee would think I'm not independent enough if I say "my interest in applied economics, with urban being of particular interest, partly because of my personal experience in XXXX and because my current supervisor, Professor XXX, specializes in this field. "?

?:hmm:--Do you think this style of SOP might be dangerous in the sense that I am bound to be eliminated if this department does NOT have a professor who is interested in this area. I want to focus on the training in economics I could get in the doctoral program which could further faciliate my research in this area, but I'm not sure whether this helps.

Thanks a lot for your input and wish youall good luck:p