View Full Version : Cold Score, Tips needed.

12-21-2007, 07:30 AM
Hey guys,

I'm very new to anything about the LSAT. I've heard information here and there, but no real independent work until today. I did the #7 test to see where I stand before beginning any studies, and scored 155. I do think that my focus waned as the sections went on. Each section took about 35-40 minutes, as I did not follow the timing strictly. I did have distractions in terms of family trying to converse with me, or walking in and out of the room, but I figure this only helped because in the future I would be able to handle distractions better. The room was generally quiet when no one was there. There were some other minor details, but you probably have a general sense of what the situation was. Anyway, I just wanted to know what kind of score this may indicate after study?

Any study tips or ideas would be appreciated. If you got over 170, I'd especially like to know your thought process and what kind of state you like to keep yourself in mentally and emotionally while studying/testing.

Thirdly, I noticed that I lost more marks near the end of sections than at the beginning or middle. Do the questions get gradually more difficult as the section reaches its end?

(I have the logic games bible, logical reasoning bible, some nova prepcourse (looks crap), and a strategy guide)

Thanks for any help you can provide.