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11-26-2003, 03:55 PM

Hello, everyone!

I'm planning to take GRE on Feburuary next year.
For me, writing section is the most difficult part, so I thought to form online study group using yahoo or msn messenger.
I'm from South Korea, but live in SC in USA, now. If here are some of Koreans studying alone, I think that it will be very helpful to share our ideas together. and even if you're not Korean, you can participate in this group because we will speak English (up to necessity)

Anyway, the language will be determined after organizing this group. I heard that the brainstorming is the most important way to build up writing score. Thus, I will run this group to gather various and deep ideas to compose better essay and discuss the topics and share advice each other. (At the same time we can use this forum, too.)

Study plan : from December to January
Discussing all the topics

If you're interested in this study group, please mail to me until end of this month, November)

E-mail: jasmine21c@empal.com