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02-02-2008, 03:36 AM
Sometimes the ease of posting at gradcafe is unfortunate, resulting in misinformation and unnecessary clutter, but other times it is simply funny.

Here are a few posts I liked:

Stanford Economics PhD Accepted 2007-03-02 (Other) 2007-03-02 A Inside info. In with 95k fellowship + laptop + car + possible future nobel (not confirmed yet)

Stanford Economics PhD Accepted 2007-03-02 (Other) 2007-03-02 A 800k NBA Base salary fellowship; spot on the starting five, plus incentives if we make go deep in the tourny. Suck it.

Stanford Economics PhD Accepted 2007-03-01 (Phone) 2007-03-01 A I was accepted over a conference call with the econ dept head, john travolta and prince

Harvard School Of Economics PhD. In Harvard Economics PhD Accepted 2007-03-18 (Other) 2007-03-17 U Notified through dream; Received a $500,000 Harvard Endowment

Generally, all of the Paris school of economics posts, such as:

Paris School Of Economics Economics PhD Accepted 2007-04-11 (Other) 2007-04-11 A I was dining Panda Express when I found a letter of acceptance to PSE inside of my fortune cookie. Dreams do come true sometimes, so don't give up on waintig yet!

PARIS SCHOOL OF ECONOMCS Economics PhD Other 2007-04-15 (Other) 2007-04-14 I I've been buying a lot of boxes of Fruit Loops, trying to find one of the few that comes with a Paris School of Economics admission as the toy inside. I finally found one, but now I think it's fake. Is it true that they only put them inside fortune cookies? If so, will they honour the admission I found?

Paris School Of Economics Economics PhD Accepted 2007-04-11 (Other) 2007-04-11 U After buying three jumbo pizzas at a cheap place nearby home, I cut the "get-your-PhD" coupons in the pizza's boxes and sent it to PSE. After a few days, I received the offer! PSE honoured her marketing promise and I am in! So glad.

02-02-2008, 08:27 AM
I found a few gems myself while obsessively browsing through all twelve pages of all the econ results. The Paris school bashing is over the top though.

02-02-2008, 08:52 AM
Which PSE were they referring to? The one in Paris, Idaho, or the one in Paris, Texas, or maybe Paris in Virginia? That's a very important distinction.