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02-08-2008, 09:26 PM
Hey, I was recently accepted for the Warwick MSc Econ program, and had a few questions. There was no mention of funding, just a generic statement that once you accept the offer you can fill out one form to be eligible for all scholarships. Looked at this app. form, and indeed you need your student number to apply.

Are they serious? I have to accept the offer without knowing how much it will cost me to go to school? I will not be attending if get no funding. I guess I should accept and then mysteriously drop out if this is the case. Its not fair to other students, but this seems a little ridiculous.

Anyhow maybe I've got it all wrong:hmm:

02-08-2008, 09:56 PM
I know how you feel. I also got accepted to Warwick (MSc Finance & Economics) but they really don't have funding opportunities for international students and you must make a downpayment within 6 weeks of receiving your offer letter. It is expensive like most other schools in the UK and funding is extremely difficult to find. Please tell me if you find anyone at all offering scholarships for such studies in the UK. I have been looking since last year and am still looking.........

02-08-2008, 09:57 PM
Oh before I forget your deposit is non refundable-it's like 1000 pounds!

02-09-2008, 01:14 AM
I talked to one of my profs here at Warwick, and he said that there might be some funding opportunities if I intended to do the entire master's/PhD sequence (perhaps less so if you're international rather than home/EU fee status, though.) For the masters-only route, there are no funding opportunities whatsoever, not even TAships (they're reserved for PhD students).

The reason why they don't give funding to master's-only students (not even British ones) is because they take for granted that we don't intend to dedicate our life to economic research, but jump off to well-paid job in the city as soon as we graduate. As far as I'm aware, this way of reasoning echoes throughout the corridors of all better economics departments in England, although there might be some notable exceptions (e.g., some terribly well-endowed Oxbridge colleges).

I told my professor here that I hoped to enter an American PhD program eventually, and got the honest piece of advice not to do my master's here at Warwick, but look at LSE or Oxbridge instead. Although the curriculum itself probably doesn't differ terribly much between Warwick, LSE and Oxbridge, he thought that there would be more people with the right connections across the Atlantic at the two latter places. Because of the for me forbidding costs, however, I ended up applying to a couple of Canadian programs (in addition to tuition fees, costs of living here are about twice compared to Canada).

Finally, if you're planning on coming here, I hope that you've made your research on the differences in teaching style and academic culture. I personally tend to prefer the Canadian way by quite a bit (I was at Queen's last year), but I'm predicting that there must be some heterogeniety in preferences.

Probably wasn't of too much help. Ah well... :p