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02-15-2008, 08:02 AM
Hey guys,

This never crossed my mind (for right or wrong reasons) but it just came to me that visas are as important as getting admitted! (Well, I guess getting admitted is more important but what good is it if you can't enter the country?)

I know I can find a plethora of official government information on this regard but I would just like to hear some thoughts and experience of TM'ers to this process.

I am currently both a Canadian citizen and a Hong Kong SAR permanent resident (which, then, means I am also a China PRC citizen). I am admitted to the UK for a Masters program and will be starting in September. However, my offer is conditional (obviously) on me completing my current bachelor's degree in Canada with a specified GPA. However, I will NOT have met the requirements for completing my degree until late July.

My concern is, then, is it still relatively "safe" that I can only apply for visas in July? Would the fact that I'm a Canadian citizen, and hence a citizen of the Commonwealth nations, also make this process into the UK easier?

Thx! :)