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01-16-2002, 02:38 AM

I have a problem with my Essay Rating & the Predicted Score range. Could pls help me ?

My predicted TOEFL score was 220-273. I opted to handwrite the essay.

The result sheet says that the Essay Rating is 4.5. Since my total score is 267,
it seems that there is an anomaly here.

It seems to me that this cannot happen, I have fallen only 6 [ =273-267] points below the upper level. That is, if I had scored a perfect score for the essay, I would have added only 6 more points.

From a mathematical point of view, I should fall 13 [ =53*1.5/6] points below
the upper level. That is, I should score 257. But then, scores I received for the
each section becomes anomalous since their average is again 267.

On the other hand, if I had actually scored 5.5 on the essay, everything goes
well, including marks for each section and the total.

My Complete scores were,
Listening: 28
Structure/Writing: 26
Reading: 26

Essay: 4.5

Your advice is greatly appreciated.



01-16-2002, 03:04 AM
Actually, you are right. Usually, one full essay point is worth about eleven points on your total score; so, if you had gotten a 5.0 on your essay, you'd have gotten about 260 or 263 on your final score, so it looks like your essay was scored 5.5, not 4.5.

If you did indeed receive this total score, I'd say count yourself lucky!!!

Hope that helps!!

Please post here if you have any more questions!!


Erin Billy
San Francisco, CA USA