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01-13-2004, 03:22 PM
My AWA score is 4.5. I have no idea is it good score or bad??
Your views will be appreciated

01-13-2004, 04:18 PM
Originally posted by zenith2000

My AWA score is 4.5. I have no idea is it good score or bad??
Your views will be appreciated
Not too good, not too bad. :) A 4.5 puts you in the 47th percentile.

See this page on the GRE site:

Scores on the GRE Analytical Writing Section (http://www.gre.org/interpret.html)

01-17-2004, 09:56 PM
I was wondering (from your GRE page) what "Percentage of Examinees Scoring Lower than Analytical Writing Score Levels" means, Erin?

Oh yeah... how do they come up with the score, do they divide the two AWA (essay + argument)?

Thanks before.


Zulfikar Dharmawan

01-19-2004, 08:26 PM
This is from the ets website.
How the Sections of the General Test are Scored
Analytical Writing Section

A single score is reported for the analytical writing section. Each essay receives a score from two trained readers, using a 6-point holistic scale. In holistic scoring, readers are trained to assign scores on the basis of the overall quality of an essay in response to the assigned task. If the two assigned scores differ by more than one point on the scale, the discrepancy is adjudicated by a third GRE reader. Otherwise, the scores from the two readings of an essay are averaged. The final scores on the two essays are then averaged and rounded up to the nearest half-point interval (e.g., 3.0, 3.5). If no essay response is given for either of the 2 tasks in this section, an NS (No Score) is reported for the section. If an essay response is provided for only one of the 2 writing tasks, the task for which no essay response is provided will receive a score of zero.

The primary emphasis in scoring the analytical writing section is on your critical thinking and analytical writing skills rather than on grammar and mechanics. (Read the scoring guides for each essay task)

During the scoring process, your essay responses on the analytical writing section will be reviewed by ETS essay-similarity-detection software and by experienced essay readers. See Independent Intellectual Activity.
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