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06-23-2008, 03:08 AM
From sample questions in the previous FPGEE study guide

1) if, at a constant ionic strength, the rate of hydrolysis of a compound is 10 times faster at a pH of 2 than at a pH of 3, the reaction is probably catalyzed by a:
A) general acid
B) general base
C) specific acid
D) specific base

I answered A, though it should be C. pls help

2) which of the following lists of compounds is ranked according to expected ability to penetrate lipid membranes
A) Oxytetracycline > tetracycline > doxytetracycline
B) Doxytetracycline > tetracycline > Oxytetracycline
C) Tetracycline > Doxytetracycline > Oxytetracycline
D) Tetracycline = Doxytetracycline > Oxytetracycline

Answer is B, I wrote A because I was thinking doxytetracycline appears in feces so it must be poorly absorbed. Maybe I should consider those functional groups?

3) The initial effects of diazepam in treating status epilepticus diminish in a short time, because:
A) the metabolic rate increase when the patient has a seizure
B) Diazepam has minimal efficacy for status epilepticus
C) Diazepam is redistributed to other tissues
D) Diazepam is eliminated within hours

I wrote D, answer is C

Thank you, gals and guys, good luck to everyone