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02-06-2004, 04:39 AM
I am an international student, I graduated form high school in 2003, and I have applied to some US colleges and universities. I just started the aplication process in November, I decided to take the sat test in Jan. as the test do not held in Iran, I had a trip to UAE to take the test in Sharjah. it was the first time I took such a test, and I had prepared myself for Sat II in only a month. my scores are:

Biology/M : 720
math level Ic:660

the writing test was really hard!!!! I had prepared myself with Kaplan, and took the writing test of Real subject test book, I also uesd the saprknotes online tests and guides. in all of the sample test I got a score above 600, but the 24th Januaray writing test was really hard, still when I think to the Essay subject, I can not find a good sample to write about. it was something like :
"perfectness is not interesting, but the flaws fascinate"

I know that my writing score is VERY low:( but I can not take the test again becuase jan test date was the last accpetable test date for fall 2004 admission. do you think that I can be admitted with such a low writing score. Do the schools compare the writing scores of international students with domestic students???( it seems unfair to me regarding to writing test!)
anyway, I am so depressed with my writing score, can anyone help me?:(