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TOPIC: ISSUE95 - "People work more productively in teams than individually. Teamwork requires cooperation, which motivates people much more than individual competition does."

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It has emphasized team work ever since our early education in kindergarden(kindergarten) and primary school due to the deep (widely accepted) belief in its productivity. Thus, it might be tempting to accept the assertion that cooperation induces the success. However, I would argue that justifying it as motivation is overrating its function, cooperation is actually a "way" to attain success in the team work which require(s) compromise, and a process of learning。

Why team work demands cooperation?

From the perspective of logics, as explained in the principle of composition, the attributes of a whole cannot be guaranteed by the attributes of the parts of the whole. In team work, the productivity of the individuals does not promise the productivity of the whole team. Therefore, some kind of mechanism is needed to mediate the relationship between individual and team to achieve the productivity of the whole team, one of which is cooperation( And this mechanism can be generally understood as cooperation).

From the perspective of reality, cooperation is also demanded in resolving interest conflicts and maintaining (a) team's identification. On one hand, every one has his/ her own interests, and inevitably every two persons' interests conflict (each other ) to some extend. Every team includes more than two members, which produces potential conflicts at the moment when the team was(is) formed. In fact, every team is like a small society, and for solving the conflicting problems we ask for compromise, contraint(constraint), even punishment in the forms of laws, morality, ethics and the like in a society. Likewise, we aske(ask) for cooperation in team work. On another hand, to guarantee the identical move (action)of a team, cooperation is also necessary. Gas atoms spread everywhere without a direction. Flocks of migrant birds form a sharp "v" (pointing) to the forever destiny. The behavior of a team is constructed on the individuals' awareness of devotion, contraint(constraint), compromise and even sacrifice, which is called cooperation.

However, all the justifications for cooperation do not demonstrate it as a motivation for team work's productivity. In fact, effective cooperation asks team members for a tough learning process. Let us take some examples from football game. If you have once experienced a real game on the football field, you may well understand the feelling(feeling)- every player is aware of the importance of pass-and receive combination, however, once the ball is under the foot, there is an insuppresible(insuppressible) impulse to shoot. Perhaps, that is why Guus Hiddink could lead teams to champion without any star. Somehow, he knows how to effectively help a team get through the learning process of cooperation while suppressing the impulse to go solo.

In conclusion, team work requires cooperation to promise its productivity. But we should not logically reverselly(reversally) assume that cooperation is the motivation inducing productivity in team work. In fact, as above discussed, cooperation is a tough process of learning of compromising, suppresing(suppressing) impluse and even sacrifice.

07-05-2008, 06:11 AM
I believe some kinds of work need teamwork while others do not.
For example, visual arts such as paintings are done with individual effort.
And some significant scientific breakthroughs require intensified individual concentration rather than teamwork.

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Hi, I think this AWA deserves 4.0 or 4.5.
I would point out the strengths and weakness of the Issue.
Quite well defined. Has couple of examples.(thats good). Takes a strong side and also shows the other side of the curtain.
I think the topic demands some comparison between individual working and team working.. so here a example for individual working can help. There is a scope of 1-2 examples in the beginning of the essay. At some places there is a scope to use a superior vocabulary to add some charms to the essay.

Apart from my analysis, I have a question as well.. or may I would say a suggestion.. If I was to write a essay on this... I would have included a couple of lines on
' Cooperation ..which motivates people much more than individual competition does.'
Now here there is one point that i would have refuted saying how 'cooperation motivates people'? I would say its the individual performance of the members in the team may actually motivate the team.. coz even if we talk about a team its made of members.. and as a whole a performance by a team is (to a extent) dependent on the performance of the individual constituents of the team.....

Please reply back your views.. if you please. we can discuss other topics as well..

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GOOD luck itsn't the mission impossible of Tom Cruise