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08-01-2008, 03:35 PM

Can anyone please suggest how to start studying CPR? What topic to start first and which topics are important to focus more?

How much time study is needed everyday?


08-05-2008, 08:13 PM
Well done for starting to study well in good time. If you study consistently each day by the time December comes you stand a good chance of doing well. I took my exam in June 08 so I am waiting for my results at present.

I found CPR to the main reference source, most of the topics mentioned in the blueprint (apart from management) are covered in CPR.

The blueprint will guide you as to what to study, you can match the topics in CPR with the sections in the blueprint. Thats how I learnt. Make sure you understand the basics even if it means referring back to some of the text books you used at university e.g for genetics or reaction kinetics. Personally I found the section on structure activity relationships to be hard, so perhaps you could start with that now, and draw the structures to pin up in your room so you can look at them everyday, you need to know the functional groups and what happens if you change them. That can be hard to remember so it might be a good idea to start now. I also found the 1000 questions by manan shroff to be helpful. I did not finish them but they really helped me to pin point areas that I need to clarify. If you can afford it, also try to do the pre-FPGEE just before you do the exam. I did it and passed it so it gave me reassurance as well as highlighted to me areas I still needed to revise prior to the actual exam.

Hope this helps, good luck.