View Full Version : When NABP misplaces your documents...

08-17-2008, 02:24 AM
After not receiving any correspondance from NABP for one month and a half I started calling them every other week to find out the status of my application. Each time I would get the same response: it is still in process. On my last call, I finally got someone a little more helpful (and it took her a week to call me back) and she informed me that they had "misplaced my documents" (the packet that we send to ECE with sealed transcripts, proof of degree and there evaluation). Apparently they requested ECE to send them copys of everything, but since they are so picky with everything I wonder it they will accept them or not.
ECE had transferred my degree as equivalent to a US Bachelor in Pharmacy.
Has this ever happened to anyone?
Thank you and congratulations to all who have cleared the FPGEE and good luck to all of us that are trying to do so.