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Speak English Fluently - Using modern technology

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Speaking fluent English is not an easy task but it's certainly an extremely helpful skill in today's fast changing world if you want to earn a good salary and make friends in the future. Now is 2010. What is the best way to learn Spoken English now?

The answer really depends on your current level of English and your current situation. If you are able to read this post, your level, in my opinion is pretty good already. If you couldn't read this by now, I guess you won't continue reading, so I'll focus my answer on people who have at least a basic understanding of English.

I've taught so many ESL university students spoken English and I know exactly what students need to do to improve.

1. [B]Stop worrying about the size of your vocabulary[/B]. Students make the mistake time and time again of trying to improve their vocabulary. The truth is that many high level ESL students actually have a bigger vocabulary than many native speakers. It sounds crazy but it's true. You need to focus on the vocabulary that is used everyday by native speakers. This means stop memorizing words from lists or dictionaries. That's not how you learned your own native language is it?

2. [B]Listen to quality real life dialogs. [/B]Now you can download and listen to MP3 dialogs in English. This is way better and more interesting than anything you will find in an ESL classroom or the bookstore. You can fill an Ipod, MP3 player, or even listen off the computer. Listening will help you speak much more than reading will. You need to understand most of what you are listening to. A PDF transcript to go along with the listening is very helpful if possible. You need to make sure you are listening to the right stuff too. The VOA and many programs are too boring and/or difficult. Even if you can understand them, it is not even close to how native speakers talk to each other and therefore it won't help your fluency although it could help with vocabulary. Native speakers usually use simple words, but they do however use a lot of slang, phrasal verbs, and idioms.

3. [B]Make sure your studying is consistent. [/B]Studying for 15 minutes a day, EVERY day, is much better than most students do in reality. You need to concentrate during that time and study the right material again. 15 minutes of chatting on msn, or 15 minutes of reading some textbook doesn't count. Ideally, you want to study for about 30 minutes per day. Make a plan and stick to it. After a few months you'll have learned more than most students who pay over 1000 US dollars for schools. I've seen it happen so many times. I've been living in China for the past 8 years. I've seen this in real life.

4. [B]Make use of a notebook. [/B]Ok, this one is not about technology, but it's a great method for remembering new words and phrases. How many times do you learn something and then forget it even a few hours later?
When you learn something interesting to you, write it down, and then write down some sentences that you can use in real life with that example. This will help you remember it so you aren't wasting time. One [B]good[/B] word a day can make a huge difference over time. The key is that you need to use it in part of your own daily speaking.

5. [B]Do whatever works for you. [/B]Don't do whatever is fashionable in your country or whatever most people are talking about. Many companies are really good at marketing their products and getting people to think they are great. Think about this. Are most people in your country fluent English speakers? If the honest answer is no, then don't do what they are doing or you will get the same results they do. People are different too. Some methods work for some people and some work for others.

My brother and I made a fun talk show style where we talk about daily life, relationships, making money, and stuff that most normal people are interested in. We know you aren't babies and we want to make learning fun for you. I'm confident it will help your spoken English. We'll give you all your money back if you don't like it anyway. We've never had anyone return it, yet. We're nice guys and aren't looking to steal money from anyone. Our website looks kind of stupid because we are terrible website designers, but the content is honestly really good and helpful. We made it quite cheap too because we know you guys work hard for your money. If you are interested, check out [URL="http://www.speak-fluent-english.com"]Speak Fluent English[/URL]
Please don't laugh at the website design. Haha. :blush: