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  1. Speak English Fluently - Using modern technology

    Speaking fluent English is not an easy task but it's certainly an extremely helpful skill in today's fast changing world if you want to earn a good salary and make friends in the future. Now is 2010. What is the best way to learn Spoken English now?

    The answer really depends on your current level of English and your current situation. If you are able to read this post, your level, in my opinion is pretty good already. If you couldn't read this by now, I guess you won't continue ...
  2. Application process

    Quote Originally Posted by XanthusARES View Post
    So we're getting to that time of the year again. Some of you have probably started schools sites nearly daily to see if their applications are available. Most of you (I hope) have already written your first few drafts of your SOP and have your LOR's planned. The rest of you still have time, so don't worry yet, but these are things that you should definitely be thinking about now.

    So, right around this time of year we seem to get a glut of questions about the application. While
  3. School rankings

    Here's a typical post from a newcomer on this forum

    Newcomer: "Hi here's a bunch of stats about me, please evaluate my chances and tell me where to apply."
    "Senior" Member: "Generic advice and insights about profile, you should target T50 (T20, T10 etc...)"
    Newcomer: "Wow here are some platitudes for you. When you say I should focus on T50, what specific schools are you talking about?"
    "Senior" Member: "There ...
  4. School Rankings (again)

    A while ago I wrote a post on here about school rankings and how when you are deciding where to apply you should come up with your own ranking list. I would cross reference that here, but I'm writing my dissertation and it feels like more wasted time to do that. It's on here, look it up.

    The main point of that post was that any ranking system is going to be flawed and that we, as senior members on this forum, use non specific terminology to reference program rankings intentionally. ...
  5. Profiles and Results 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by ryanmagic View Post
    Type of Undergrad: Rank 3 University in China (Fudan), B.A. of econonmics, with one semester exchange experience in UC Davis.
    Undergrad GPA: 3.57 in Fudan, top 10%; 4.0 in UC Davis (courses with * below).
    Type of Grad: N/A.
    Grad GPA: N/A.
    GRE: 800Q 540V 3.0 AWA, TOEFL 105.
    Math Courses: Advanced Math (differential calculus, integrals, a little differential equations)(B&A-), Linear Algebra(B+), Probability Theory(A), Statistics(A-).
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