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economics PhD at a management school

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In PRACTICAL terms, getting into a top management PhD program, and into a top Econ program is minimally different. The student enrolled at the management PhD program can take courses offered by the econ department, attend the seminars, have members of the econ department in his committee, etc. (vice-versa for the econ Phd students).

The only practical difference are the required courses... Management PhD students normally do not have to take macroeconomics, BUT MAY do so. Econometrics/statistics may or may not be the same, but again, Management PhD students can take econometrics from the econ department under normal circumstances. However, the microeconomics-oriented courses are often exactly the same (management PHD students enroll concurrently with the econ students and attend the same lectures, in the same room, at the same time).

So, it would be a MISTAKE to sacrifice one or more years of your life just to apply say to MIT econ, where you could apply (and possibly be admitted) to MIT management for Fall 2011. You can say the same about Northwestern (MEDS vs econ)... At CMU (Tepper) there is a single program for both econ and business students, as far as I know.

It would also be a mistake to pay a lot of attention to the "label" of the program in the business school (business econ, managerial econ, financial econ, etc). In practical terms the name may only affect the required courses. You can almost certainly do the same high-quality economics-oriented research at any top business school. And almost certainly, your own research interests will adjust as you gain more knowledge of the field.