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December 2012 SAT essay prompts




The December SAT essay prompts (from December 1, 2012) are now publicly available.


A paraphrase of the four essay prompts follows:

  1. Sometimes leaders become successful by treating other people poorly, which is not good. Prompt: Is it important to consider how nice or polite leaders are?
  2. Many people stubbornly cling to their beliefs. Prompt: Is it good to strongly believe something?
  3. Everybody makes mistakes. Prompt: Should we be forgiving of people's mistakes?
  4. Everything that can be invented or discovered already has been invented or discovered. There's nothing left. Prompt: Is there anything left to invent or discover?

Did you write an essay on this prompt? Would you like some feedback on your essay? If so, please post your sample SAT here, and I'll score ("grade") your essay and give you feedback. Of course, the sooner, the better. ;)



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