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What's keeping me busy (September 2010)

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Wow, it was an amazingly-busy summer. Our busiest ever. Things went really well, and we had a lot of great students who raised their SAT scores a lot. Very satisfying.

So, summer's over, and I can now work on the other projects (some of them quite big) that I have brewing.

TestMagic Millbrae

First, the big news--we are opening a third branch. The third TestMagic will be in Millbrae, California, just south of San Francisco, not too far from the airport (SFO). It's in a beautiful location (high ceilings with a really cool loft), some outdoor patio space, kitchen facilities, and much, much more. This is going to be amazing! Seriously, it's going to be a lot of fun.

TestMagic T-shirts!

Okay, for some of you, this may not seem like a huge deal, but I'm REALLY excited about these new t-shirts. I've been wearing mine every day. (I'll post a photo later.) I think the t-shirts are really beautiful, and, the design was made by one of the most wonderful staff members we have--Lisa Nip. Lisa is an amazingly talented and dedicated person who has an amazing future before her. She has a great eye for design and has made wonderful contributions to TestMagic.

Why does this matter for the Urch forums? Well, I'm planning to give a few TestMagic t-shirts away. Keep an eye out on the forums. I just want to take some photos of people wearing the t-shirts so that people can see what they look like.