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  1. December 2012 SAT essay prompts

    The December SAT essay prompts (from December 1, 2012) are now publicly available.

    A paraphrase of the four essay prompts follows:
    1. Sometimes leaders become successful by treating other people poorly, which is not good. Prompt: Is it important to consider how nice or polite leaders are?
    2. Many people stubbornly cling to their beliefs. Prompt: Is it good to strongly believe something?
    3. Everybody makes mistakes. Prompt: Should we be forgiving of people's mistakes?
    4. Everything
  2. Possible in-depth grammar lessons

    Teachers always want to say more; when a student asks a question, the mind of the teacher fills with ideas of ways to impart the information--explanations, diagrams, pairs of contrast and similarities, quiz questions, challenge questions, and the like. But no teacher I know ever has time to exhaust even a single idea. There are always just too many different questions to answer and too many doubts that could arise.

    That said, I thought I might keep a list of the topics I wish to expand ...
  3. Making changes to the Urch forums

    You may have noticed that I've changed a few things in the forums over the last week or so. The colors are a bit brighter, and I've added some different graphics and emoticons. On the back end, I've been doing a few things as well, but most users won't notice. The back-end work involves looking at moderated threads, complaints about threads, and a few other things like that. Summer was busy for me (as it usually is), so there were a few hundred different things that I needed to look at.

    Updated 10-14-2011 at 07:57 PM by Erin (Added idea.)

  4. What's keeping me busy (September 2010)

    Wow, it was an amazingly-busy summer. Our busiest ever. Things went really well, and we had a lot of great students who raised their SAT scores a lot. Very satisfying.

    So, summer's over, and I can now work on the other projects (some of them quite big) that I have brewing.

    TestMagic Millbrae

    First, the big news--we are opening a third branch. The third TestMagic will be in Millbrae, California, just south of San Francisco, not too far from the airport (SFO). ...
  5. Like Vs. As

    This post has proven to be pretty popular:

    like vs. as

    What's the difference between like and as?

    In class here at TestMagic, I encounter such questions routinely; in fact, questions of this type are the most commonly missed questions, and believe it or not, there's a rather simple explanation for why one is wrong and another is right.

    Let me ask you a question--when you think about this question, and you think about what's being compared, do ...
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