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  1. A topic on an unfamiliar topic anyway

    Part 3 of the American English lesson !! Linking words !!!

    What I've noticed from continuously recording myself that despite my attempts to perfect my English, these tips did not have an instantenous result. Moreover, the low quality of mic recordings also contributed to this significantly.

    And you never know how bad you sound until you record yourself .

    Also it seems like my interview went ok, but since my deadline for fellowship ...

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    English Speaking Tips
  2. Spoken English Tutorial Blog Entry 4 :)

    So I'm still waiting for Carnegie Mellon to tell me the results and continue writing my Spoken English Tutorial series.

    It was a 11 am morning time and I was ill, but the interviewer was very energetic to my surprise. I couldn't really focus on the interview and that's why I wasn't very sharp in answers and wasn't very sharp when doing the writing task.

    Oh, to my surprise the questions were very simple - Why did you decide to apply to this major , do you have hobbies, who ...

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  3. Now I'm starting a new series of posts

    I've been thinking a lot about what content I should be filling up my blog with, and came to a conclusion that all I need to do is to provide "value",

    I will be having an Interview with Carnegie Mellon, Masters in Software Engineering, tomorrow, but I just can't get my head off the fact that I have to quicken the process of adding content to my website.

    Anyway, I've been researching the net for some time, and since I couldn't come up with anything particularly ...