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Spoken English Tutorial Blog Entry 4 :)

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So I'm still waiting for Carnegie Mellon to tell me the results and continue writing my Spoken English Tutorial series.

It was a 11 am morning time and I was ill, but the interviewer was very energetic to my surprise. I couldn't really focus on the interview and that's why I wasn't very sharp in answers and wasn't very sharp when doing the writing task.

Oh, to my surprise the questions were very simple - Why did you decide to apply to this major , do you have hobbies, who do you think a leader is , what is the difference between a leader , how would you explain what class and object are to a history major and etc. Some questions were general while others were not so much. He explained me what the major was about and I was pretty happy to hear it, because it sounded very promising. I'm still working on my websites.


Anyway, I've completed my second series of Spoken English Tutorial and I got some ideas on how to organise my thoughts in a more friendly manner, to make it less "textbookish". I decided to link the other parts of Spoken English Tutorial in the first part.

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