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A topic on an unfamiliar topic anyway

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Part 3 of the American English lesson !! Linking words !!!

What I've noticed from continuously recording myself that despite my attempts to perfect my English, these tips did not have an instantenous result. Moreover, the low quality of mic recordings also contributed to this significantly.

And you never know how bad you sound until you record yourself .

Also it seems like my interview went ok, but since my deadline for fellowship application is very soon, I feel like it is a waste of time to try. Besides, if I go to USA next year it means a whole year where I can actually make something useful - work on my super plans .

People would want to ask these questions expressing their worry about application, but I don't see the point in it. You can always do what you want and not worry too much about what decisions others will make about you.

A rule - do and forget. Can't really manipulate your reality further than that.

Do you know a rule of never to multi-task and to be productive, not "busy"? Read Timothy Ferris' book - it is good. It is quite counter-intuitive, but the principle does exist. How many times has worrying about problems solved anything? I don't think you will come up even with one instance of that.

Also whenever you try to accomplish too much at once your brain "overburns" and distracts you from the most important goal. One said that whenever you want to do anything you want to ask yourself -

1) What is the most important thing you should do to achieve that?
2) What is the second most important thing to do AFTER that?
3) Don't even bother with the third most important thing.

Actually, I've tweaked the rules, because initially they suggested having 3 priorities.

Errhhh, I would say that learning GRE vocabulary also contributed to polishing that mindset of mine. I had the most success when I stopped pursuing too many methods and just focused on one method, because vocabulary is about repetition. You can't learn new words after glancing at them just once (well, I still haven't figured how to do it consistently. Magicians have a trick that does that).

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