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  1. Spoken English Tutorial Blog Entry 4 :)

    So I'm still waiting for Carnegie Mellon to tell me the results and continue writing my Spoken English Tutorial series.

    It was a 11 am morning time and I was ill, but the interviewer was very energetic to my surprise. I couldn't really focus on the interview and that's why I wasn't very sharp in answers and wasn't very sharp when doing the writing task.

    Oh, to my surprise the questions were very simple - Why did you decide to apply to this major , do you have hobbies, who ...

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  2. Now I'm starting a new series of posts

    I've been thinking a lot about what content I should be filling up my blog with, and came to a conclusion that all I need to do is to provide "value",

    I will be having an Interview with Carnegie Mellon, Masters in Software Engineering, tomorrow, but I just can't get my head off the fact that I have to quicken the process of adding content to my website.

    Anyway, I've been researching the net for some time, and since I couldn't come up with anything particularly ...
  3. How I prepared for GRE

    Now the funny thing is that even after finishing GRE I sometimes get people asking me what was that that helped me get a good GRE score (well, at least my friends are surprised).

    Now, I didn't do anything extraordinary. You might check the article on How To Improve English Speaking - it speaks on this topic in detail.

    Yes, I went to classes and they really helped. But what helped me even more was that I constantly visited urch forums and practiced Big Book tests.
  4. This is a blog, right? :) Ok

    I have been talking yesterday to a pilot from France.

    I'm not joking. Although there were a lot of interesting things I've asked and learnt - I will keep them for another day.

    This reminds me of this blog post of mine from English Speaking Tips website:

    Spoken English Tutorial

    No kidding. I always thought that France was a country that had the least problem with English languages (because they are in Europe and I always had an impression that ...