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To fellow foreign pharmacists


  • Be sure to pass all sections of TOEFL iBT (R21, L18, S26*,W24) before applying for FPGEE. Thousands of candidates passed FPGEE but could not achieve TOEFL requirement after several attempts.
  • Percent passing rate on the speaking section is only 11 percent. (ETS data, p. 6)
  • The average score on the speaking section of the US candidates and candidates from English speaking countries is 22 (ETS data, p. 9-10.)
  • Would you like to see changes? Click here ->http://www.aetr.org/index.php to file TOEFL reform

  1. Books and Materials for TOEFL iBT - Speaking

    by , 07-01-2010 at 04:30 PM (To fellow foreign pharmacists)
    Books and Materials for TOEFL iBT - Speaking section


    Hi everybody,

    To date (March 28, 2010), as requested, these are books and CDs which are available in the market. You can check for the best deal at some other bookstores yourself. I put the links through amazon.com so that you can check for the right versions. Please look at the ISBN. The exam fee is more expensive