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Switching Science Discipline FROM business discipline !

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I had a dream to study in Engineering or Technology from my childhood. So for that reason I would take Ďmathematicsí as a compulsory subject when I was a 16 yrs old student. In addition, I have completed the primary level in Physics, Chemistry, and calculus part-1 and part-2. But destiny does not permit me to study with science in bachelor. Iíve wasted 4 yrs from my life towards completing BBA, which holds 123 credits. I did not think that I had to study with business discipline. Business discipline did not attract me for a single day. After that, Iíve taken preparation on GMAT towards studying MBA on Finance for many more days and I hope that Iíll be able to get 700+ in GMAT. To be honest, I do not get any taste in business study and Iíve no intention to study in business discipline in future. So, I want to study bachelor or masters on engineering/technology and finally settle in United States of America by having a good job.
Iíve some questions to the URCH experts regarding the matter.
1) If there is an option to study for bachelor or masters on engineering/technology which department (i.e., IT, Computer Science or something like that) should I choose? I mean, which subject has demand in USA?
2) As far I know, I should have SAT score in order to study in Bachelor of Science in USA but as Iíve completed my bachelor degree with BBA, will it work if I take GMAT or GRE?
3) Is there any chance to reject VISA if I apply for BSc (Bachelor of Science)?
4) Finally, will it be wise decision to switch Science from Business Discipline?
In addition, Iíve 4 yrs work experiences in accounts and finance department in a private organization.
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