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Moderators, please note

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Okay, I tried posting this as a private blog to save someone some embarrassment but that didn't work, so I'll try again, this time in public.


I made a post in the PhD Economics forum last week and it still not appeared. The thread is titled something like "Top 2, not Top 5?" or something like that and the last post was by tm_guru on 8/15.

Next, my attempt to contact a Moderator directly was short circuited, generating a pop-up saying that the link didn't work, possibly because my account hadn't been verified. I signed up for this forum back int he Spring, have a valid e-mail address, and there should be no problem. Nor does my IN box appear to be functioning.

Unfortunately, at least one moderator seems to have his nose out of joint about my posts. I am not a PhD Econ applicant. However, I have several legitimate topic I am interested in that have bearing on this board, including:

-- Econ programs at UCLA, UC Berkeley, Yale
-- Women in Economics
-- PhD applicants whose undergraduate work was at liberal arts colleges
-- Institutional variances in admissions patterns

I would appreciate it very much if my post would put on the board and that my ability to contact moderators and any other links associated with membership on the board be activated.
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