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  1. Naplex TIPS From Members

    Quote Originally Posted by Nitrous Oxide View Post

    I have just combined (copied and pasted) some of the tips members have posted in last couple of months. Remember these postings represent individual experiences and all of these may not be applicable to you. I prefers focusing on some quality material than confusing myself over so many resources available. Choose the one you think is right for you.
    One more thing...I think user 'temp' is prontopass agent or so because he/she is the one who promotes that material over so many
  2. for my GRE test plzz help me......

    I want to buy some good practice test for GRE...can somebody help me in that?
    and i want to give my xam on August 2010....as its only 1 month left..plzzz suggest some good tips for me....:)
    If somebody is planning for next month...plzzz share your status and all....
    Thanx in advanced:):)
  3. "Give advice to a friend..." New style of TOEFL speaking question + answer and script

    Quote Originally Posted by Englishraven View Post
    "Give advice to a friend..."

    Remember that confusing new style of prompt for question 1 in the TOEFL speaking section?

    Well, the example question, audio response and full script attached below will hopefully give you some ideas on how to handle this! :-)

    YouTube - New TOEFL iBT Speaking Question 1 sample with scripts!

    Hope it's helpful.

    All the best in your TOEFL preparation,

  4. Finger Print Card from California Board of Pharmacy

    Hello, guys! Does someone knows how to request a finger Print Card from the California Board of Pharmacy? Is it free of charge? Will they mail it for me? I am currently outside US. Please help

  5. PLEASE COMMENT ON AND RATE MY ESSAY: “Important truths begin as outrageous, or at lea

    [QUOTE=chisananegai;804768][FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=2][B][FONT=&quot]“Important truths begin as outrageous, or at least uncomfortable, attacks upon the accepted wisdom of time”[/FONT][/B][/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=2][FONT=&quot]When Giordano Bruno first told the World the truth about the Solar System that “the Earth is not the center of the Solar System”, his knowledge was falsified and he was burnt at stake. This tragedy happened because he had dared to go against ...
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