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  1. Fpgee

    [QUOTE=MISHEE;803962]I have a 3 yr b pharm degree and a 2 yr m pharm degree from india. Do i qualify for the fpgee? It was before 2003.
    Before i go through the torture of digging up all the requirements could anyone help let me know if i will even be considered?[/QUOTE]
  2. TOEFL Speaking Question 2 - Sample question with example answer, script + tips!

    Quote Originally Posted by Englishraven View Post
    Hi there,

    The free video below contains a sample of question 2 from the TOEFL speaking section, along with an example answer, script and some quick tips on preparation, organization and content. Enjoy!

    I regularly post free tutorials of this nature (for both speaking and writing) on my TOEFL iBTv page.

    Hope it helps!

    All the best,

    - Jason
  3. TESOL... Is anybody willing to get MA in TESOL?

    Hey! I am going to apply for TESOL the up-coming fall but haven't chosen the Universities. Does anyone have an esperience in applying for this program?
  4. FAQs about Graduate School in Economics and Links to Useful Threads

    Quote Originally Posted by asquare View Post
    This post is especially intended for new TM posters. Some questions about applying to or attending graduate programs in economics come up frequently on TM. You're welcome to ask questions even though they've been discussed in the past, but there is a lot of useful information in the old posts, and I'd urge you to read through some of those posts to see if they help you out. You can search using the search function in the menu at the top of your screen, just below and to the right of the box that
  5. Books and Materials for TOEFL iBT - Speaking

    by , 07-01-2010 at 04:30 PM (To fellow foreign pharmacists)
    Books and Materials for TOEFL iBT - Speaking section


    Hi everybody,

    To date (March 28, 2010), as requested, these are books and CDs which are available in the market. You can check for the best deal at some other bookstores yourself. I put the links through amazon.com so that you can check for the right versions. Please look at the ISBN. The exam fee is more expensive
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