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  1. PLease Rate my Argument Essay..Giving GRE in another 15 days

    [B] Argument Essay-[/B]
    [B]The following appeared as an editorial in the local newspaper of Dalton.[/B]
    [B]“When the neighboring town of Williamsville adopted a curfew four months ago that made it illegal for persons under the age of 18 to loiter or idle in public places after 10pm, youth crimes in Williamsville dropped by 27% during curfew hours. In Williamsville’s town square, the area where its citizens were once most outraged at the high crime rate, not a single crime has ...
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  2. Help falwks :D

    Hi all...my name is Bianca and I am from Romania..although I am only 17 I would like to apply on a high school in US.. but unfortunately I don't know how to do that and where I can find some high schools that would accept foreign students...if you can provide me some informations please contact me on my ID : [EMAIL="death_angel31669@yahoo.com"]death_angel31669@yahoo.com[/EMAIL] ...:(
  3. MBA Letter of Recommendation Template

    Hi All,

    Can you please advice me with letter of recommendation template. I know each business school has different questions, but in general what are the milestones and key points that should be pointed out (leadership, teamwork, excellence, achievements etc.)?

    Can someone share his or her experience in admission process in regards to letter of recommendations. I know they are very important, thus I don't want to miss anything.

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  4. Easy Question to Grind Through: Shortcuts?

    [QUOTE=anin;789703]What I'd do is :

    factorize 96 = 8*3*2*2

    2^4 * 3^3 * 8^2 / 2^4 * 3^2 * 8^2

    the denominator cancels everything out except 3.

    Is that what you were looking for ?[/QUOTE]
  5. Speak English Fluently - Using modern technology

    Speaking fluent English is not an easy task but it's certainly an extremely helpful skill in today's fast changing world if you want to earn a good salary and make friends in the future. Now is 2010. What is the best way to learn Spoken English now?

    The answer really depends on your current level of English and your current situation. If you are able to read this post, your level, in my opinion is pretty good already. If you couldn't read this by now, I guess you won't continue ...