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  1. Help me create a practice TOEFL speaking test formatted with pharmacy content!

    Quote Originally Posted by Englishraven View Post
    Hi there TestMagic members,

    I was wondering if I could ask for some help and advice from pharmacy applicants out there who are experienced with the TOEFL speaking format and would like to contribute to a new practice tool.

    One of the problems for pharmacy applicants is that the TOEFL does not reflect the content and skills needed and used in the pharmacy profession. I think it could be a valuable introductory preparation tool if we create a practice TOEFL speaking section
  2. mpje michigan

    PLease help

    Can somebody tell me what are the books to study for the mpje test :hmm:
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  3. spss 13

    Dear all,

    everyone is fine, aren't you?
    i need software of SPSS 13 and an info [I]how to use SPSS 13.[/I] anyone can help me?

  4. Naplex - prontopass

    I am very interested to buy ProntoPass materials.
    Please, anyone who is planning to sell- contact me.
    I very appreciate!
  5. as vs like

    [QUOTE=mohit jindal;780589]While Jackie Robinson was a Brooklyn Dodger, his courage in the face of physical threats and verbal attacks was[U] not unlike that of Rosa Parks, who refused[/U] to move to the back of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama.
    (A) not unlike that of Rosa Parks, who refused
    (B) not unlike Rosa Parks, who refused
    (C) like (Rosa Parks and her refusal
    (D) like that of Rosa Parks for refusing
    (E) as that of Rosa Parks, who refused

    OA is ...