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  1. Babies dont honour the clock

    The more I try to get some time to study, the tougher it gets. I got two kids under two and they are a handful. Anyway I have decided to take the exam on the June 3rd 2010.
    I have about 9 weeks to prepare. I am planning on starting the Quant this week and try to alternate every other week to Verbal. Well atleast thats the plan.
    I plan to do atleast 5 questions from the Forum everyday, again with lots of hope that I will get the time.

  2. This is it..

    I have been postponing this for a while now and I think its about time to take this challenge. I am giving myself 2 months to prepare from today which runs to May 18th. i will be reserving a test date this coming week and I will try to post a schedule for myself over this weekend. This is as much as to keep myself in line and hopefully help others.
  3. Kindly recommend which Unis. should I apply?

    [QUOTE=Alfabeta;774969]Below is my profile: I am not sure if I have chances to pursue PhD Econ. in States! Need your expert opinions!

    Type of Undergrad: Unknown-International
    Undergrad GPA: 3.27 average. 3.70 econ 3.4ish for math (top 5 in class-not mentioned but have open recommendation letter stating my generic rank as top 10%!!!)

    Grad: Top 50 ranking (top 5 in econ in Europe)-M.Sc. International Financial Economics
    Grad GPA: 3.5(converted, I suppose)- ...
  4. My Experience of the FPGEE

    [QUOTE=Orwa;694768]The reference I studied:
    Pharmacology Lippincott
    CPR( I did not study Pharmacology and OTC chapters)
    Manan mamgement.

    Yoiu have to study Epidemiology, Ethics and Statistics from any source( Remington is good)( I did not study them ,butI if did ,my scores will be higher)

    I [U]skimmed[/U] some chapters from Remington(very useful in Ethics, epidemiology, statistics and pharmacy practie)
    Remington is the best reference for those ...
  5. Welcome to new TestMagic

    That's great!
    This latest version has a lot of interesting features