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  1. Like Vs. As

    This post has proven to be pretty popular:

    like vs. as

    What's the difference between like and as?

    In class here at TestMagic, I encounter such questions routinely; in fact, questions of this type are the most commonly missed questions, and believe it or not, there's a rather simple explanation for why one is wrong and another is right.

    Let me ask you a question--when you think about this question, and you think about what's being compared, do ...
  2. Thoughts about urch.com

    I still remember that day back in I guess what was about 2002 (the year). I had the idea of adding a forum to the TestMagic website, thinking that it would be a great way to interact with people. I was running a simple website that I had built with Microsoft's FrontPage (I knew literally nothing about websites when I started building testmagic.com), and at some point, FrontPage offered a very basic forum feature, which I installed. To my surprise, it was an immediate hit--it got something like ...
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