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    Quote Originally Posted by vvishal View Post
    (1) if r>t , r<1 and rt=1 then which of the following must be true?

    (a) r>0 and t<-1
    (b) r>-1 and t<-1
    (c) r<-1 and t<-1
    (d) r<1 and t>1
    (e) r>1 and t<0

    (2) if x and y are the integers such that 0<x+y<10 ,then which of the following must be true

    (a) xy<2
    (b) x>3
    (c) x>4
    (d) x+y=5
    (e) x-y<8

    (3) if line segment AD has midpoint M1 and the line segment
  2. SETS

    Quote Originally Posted by vvishal View Post
    (1) in a far city 90% of thee population owns a cycle ,15% own a car and everybody owns a cycle or a car or both . what % of the population own a car but not a cycle?
  3. Switching Science Discipline FROM business discipline !

    I had a dream to study in Engineering or Technology from my childhood. So for that reason I would take ‘mathematics’ as a compulsory subject when I was a 16 yrs old student. In addition, I have completed the primary level in Physics, Chemistry, and calculus part-1 and part-2. But destiny does not permit me to study with science in bachelor. I’ve wasted 4 yrs from my life towards completing BBA, which holds 123 credits. I did not think that I had to study with business discipline. Business ...
  4. Need a GRE partner immediately !!!

    I have started my GRE preparation a few days back and i am about to graduate with a physics major.Anyone interested please contact with me, i will be helpful.
  5. GRE sentence equivalence

    by , 09-04-2013 at 10:48 AM (http://revisedgrebootup.blogspot .in/)
    Quote Originally Posted by shivsonal View Post
    amity = freindly relationship.
    Mutability = being capable of mutation(changing of a structure of a gene).
    others are quite self explanatory.
    You can comfortably notice there is only one synonym pair and that' s also the only one that seems relevant.
    So,while hitting at Sentence Equivalence
    Read question Sentence.
    Think of a word on your own,no need to worry here if you can't think of something.
    Try to find a synonym pair most of the times
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