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  1. I am looking for sample questions for MPJE for New Jersey

    I have all material required for nj mpje. Please contact me if interested. m the inspire
    Quote Originally Posted by merich View Post
    I found this very helpful http://www.pharmsuccess.com/statempje.html. Book from NJ board sounds like a lawyer talking, I think I will have to read it 10 times to get it
  2. December 2012 SAT essay prompts

    The December SAT essay prompts (from December 1, 2012) are now publicly available.

    A paraphrase of the four essay prompts follows:
    1. Sometimes leaders become successful by treating other people poorly, which is not good. Prompt: Is it important to consider how nice or polite leaders are?
    2. Many people stubbornly cling to their beliefs. Prompt: Is it good to strongly believe something?
    3. Everybody makes mistakes. Prompt: Should we be forgiving of people's mistakes?
    4. Everything
  3. Need help to crack TOEFL

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarma View Post
    Hi All,

    I am Planning to take my TOEFL exam after 45 days. I am aiming for 95-105 score. Please let me know that where can i get the material stuff to prepare for my exam. I am from India and I am looking for Online resources. I am also looking for a partner who can really help me in preparation.

    Thanks in advance...
    I am from india. Check the notefull website, great help. I am also aiming for same score. I am in houston. let me know if you interested ...
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  4. Results from Sept 2011 are on NABP website !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by shaila View Post
    I passed with 130 and I prepared from Cpr and Apha. I didnot do any online course and studied for 3 months. For me 1000 q were useless so I didnot finish them..yes managment from manon was a great help. My advice to all future test takers is spend more time on Apha that is the best book for the exam.I found so many questions from that book plus do basic calculation..I remember there were a lot of questions where you could answer by common sense, answer was hidden in question. Be very careful about
  5. Possible in-depth grammar lessons

    Teachers always want to say more; when a student asks a question, the mind of the teacher fills with ideas of ways to impart the information--explanations, diagrams, pairs of contrast and similarities, quiz questions, challenge questions, and the like. But no teacher I know ever has time to exhaust even a single idea. There are always just too many different questions to answer and too many doubts that could arise.

    That said, I thought I might keep a list of the topics I wish to expand ...
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