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  1. help regarding toefl ibt

  2. What's keeping me busy (September 2010)

    Wow, it was an amazingly-busy summer. Our busiest ever. Things went really well, and we had a lot of great students who raised their SAT scores a lot. Very satisfying.

    So, summer's over, and I can now work on the other projects (some of them quite big) that I have brewing.

    TestMagic Millbrae

    First, the big news--we are opening a third branch. The third TestMagic will be in Millbrae, California, just south of San Francisco, not too far from the airport (SFO). ...
  3. Plz Tell about how to article in perfect format

    Hi all,

    I have try to write an article related to my subject but how to make my article in attractive manner.Everyone read ???

    If anyone have any idea plz suggest ...:mad:

  4. 1270 in GRE

    Hi All,
    I gave my GRE today and got 1270 (M-800, E-470). I gave it before as well on july 22 1080 (M-680, E-400). I have done computer Science Engineering GPA (3.8) in my undergrad from India. After that I worked for 2 years. Currently I am doing my MBA in Finance GPA (3.7) from umass, Boston and wants to do MSF, Financial Engg, or Mathematical in Finance. Is it a good score or should I give it third time? Any suggestions? I want to apply for some ivy league.
  5. quantile regression for dynamic panel data or quantile regression for panel data

    [QUOTE=ywh123;811403]Thanks for your reply.
    but I Can't manage it

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