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Need advice to get research experience for PHD in Business

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Hey Guys,

I have graduated from "Industrial Engineering" department from Turkey with 3.65/4.00 GPA, 3rd rank in 120 people class, in 2009. I had a thesis about "Supply Chain Performance Measurement and Management" which is pure research paper.

Then I have just got an MBA degree again in Turkey with 4.00/4.00. This program was part-time MBA and it does not have thesis requirement. However, I wrote four three research paper for different classes (organizational behavior, corporate governance, foreign policy...), as well as prepared various projects (strategy management, valuation, merge and acquisition...).

I have been working since 2009 in purchasing department in multinational FMCG company. My main goal is to make an commercial agreements with suppliers to gain savings.
However, I have been dreaming to attend PHD in Business since I have graduated from undergrad.

And I decided to pursue my ambition which is to get an acceptance from one of the top 100 schools in the U.S.
I have just started to work on GRE. (I found GMAT too tricky and my qualitative background is much better than verbal)

All in all, I have two main questions to you.

1- Since I don't have academic research experience,(which is definetly my improvement area) how can I get this experience while working full time? What is you recommendation?

2- I got two economics classes during mba and I have discovered my deep interest in economics. However, I haven't worked as an economist.
I cannot decide which area is much more suitable for me.
"Business Economics" which I found very much interesting and impressed by the quantitative analysis behind this, OR
"Operational Management or Supply Chain" which is more relevant to my background and to my current fulltime job.
(also I am not so 100% happy with this area due to economics topis are more attractive for me)

What is your recommendation? Do you know any other study area that I can combine may be - both of them?

Thank you so much!

by the way I am 29, and I am planning to apply programs in 2016 =) I hope I am not that much old
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