I'm looking forward to continue my education and pursue phd in wood science from US.
I didnt find any forum for subjects in Forestry.
I'm from India and done my MS in wood science from the top university of the country.
Please evaluate my chances to get an admission in Phd.

Here's a brief summary for my aced background.
1. University topper, silver medal in acedemics for Bachelors in Forestry (from top university)
2. Master's in Foresty, ( wood science as main subject ) , university Gold medal for acedemics. ( from # 1 university of country.)
3. 3+ yrs industry work exp. in wood industry.
4. Currently working as a wood science, scienctist in Institute of Wood Science (one of the brand Institutes in country) .
5. Good in extra curricular activitites.
6.But, not having GRE and TOFEL.
1. Please list the top US universities, provides Phd in wood science.
2. As I'm finding limited resources for my subject and related universities, How I should approach?
3. When the admissions started in the universities?
4. Would I'll able to get funding to pursue my Phd?

Please provide the resources. Aming to take admission this fall(sep 2012)