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Thread: Need advice with my personal statement! Please!

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    Question Need advice with my personal statement! Please!

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    Hi guys! I'm been working on my personal statement for past few weeks. And guess what, when I finally was done with it, word count was 1157 words. I really need to make it shorter. Maybe someone can give me an advice on how to delete about 300 words. I've read in Making Your Business Professional Personal Statement Really Count that I should remove unimportant details wherever they appear. But it feels like a punch in the guts after all the work I've put into it, and I don't know what details are unimportant. They ALL are important to me. Maybe I should start all over again? Please, help me!
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    Re: Need advice with my personal statement! Please!

    What is the essay prompt?

    And we can't really help without seeing the essay, though I'd understand if you were hesitant about posting it on a public forum.
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