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Thread: Accepting Procedure

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    Accepting Procedure

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    HI All,

    I'm planning on accepting to UMN for my cs phd, it looks like a simple yes/no and a signature is required, then send to the school.

    Does anyone think its a good idea to attach a cover letter to your acceptance letter? I heard it from someone and wanted to know if all of you think its necessary or a good idea.


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    Re: Accepting Procedure

    Not sure, but it is a very good question. I am in the same situation, and I think attaching a thank you letter with the form will be a nice gesture. Since you already have been accepted, there is no reason for the school to see the letter as a 'suck-up' or anything. Good luck!


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    A TU letter is not needed- as the only person seeing it will be the adm. secretary- not Ur profs or dean. But, when in a problem, I have found secretaries to be the most helpful (Sure U can use our Photocopier for free...or sure, U can call that lng distance ref. from my phone). So it probably is a nice touch.

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    Isn't this undergrad forum?

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