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Thread: My chances of acceptance (International Student)

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    My chances of acceptance (International Student)

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    I am from Pakistan and wanna do major in International Business. please let me know what are my chances of acceptance in US university.

    Here is my profile.

    Grade 9-10 A+ Score : 743/850
    I got 1st position in my school

    Grade 11-12 A+ Score: 876/1100
    Government's Education board held grade 11-12 exams on a large scale. I secured 2nd position out of 100,000 students.

    Toefl (Predicted Score) : 94-100

    SAT : I haven't take SAT yet. But I have prepared myself to take GMAT (for a scholarship). Do you think GMAT preparation would help me in SAT. As most people say SAT is much easier than GMAT.

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    You should qualify for a lot of US colleges and universities, some of which won't even require the SAT. It really depends on where you want to study, how much you want to spend, etc.

    I don't recommend using GMAT to study for the SAT right now. Perhaps a little bit further down the road, as you learn more about the SAT, you could, but I'd suggest asking TestMagic first so we can tell you what's similar and what's not similar on the two tests.
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