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Thread: Economics BA and History BA

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    Economics BA and History BA

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    I am currently an incoming freshman to University at Buffalo and I will be pursuing a Civil Engineering BS. However, I feel that my true interest is economics and history. My question is, would I be stupid to switch majors from CE to a dual major for an Economics BA and a History BA? What kinds of jobs are available to an Economics BA? How does the job market look for those graduates? I'd also consider following up with another combined JD and PhD at UB. The reason I chose Civil Engineering is pragmatism, it seems like the more direct and secure path to obtain a job, but I don't feel that I am passionate about it - while I know I love economics and history. What would you do? Thank you for the advice!

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    Re: Economics BA and History BA

    Economics is still a relevant degree that will make you have a secure job in life. If you are not passionate at Civil Engineering, then don't do it. But if you really need the money, then do it. You can pursue history or economics as a second degree then.

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    Re: Economics BA and History BA

    I would suggest doing BA in Econ, and minors in civil engineering and history.

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