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Thread: Best Grad Schools for Distrbuted Computing

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    Best Grad Schools for Distrbuted Computing

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    I am planning to apply for Grad School. My interest area is distributed systems (ie. middleware, cloud computing, .....). What are the best Grad Schools for the above research areas? I went through the USNews website but could not find a listing that specifies ranking of Universities according to Distributed Computing.Can anyone point me to such a listing or name what are the best grad schools according to your knowledge.

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    Even though I don't have a direct answer, my advice is to start with the typical Top 10 programs, which tend to be strong across the board. Identify the faculty that specialize in Distributed Computing, and then branch out from there by looking at coauthors or referenced authors in their listed papers. After a while you should start to see a trend developing of professors who are consistently referenced by others. CiteSeerX and Google Scholar are really helpful at finding how often a paper is cited by others.

    And I say all this because your potential advisor's reputation is far more important than a departmental or specialization ranking. When you go to apply for your first academic appointment, it will be your advisor who gets you the job. But you didn't specify MS or PhD, and I imagine this is far less important in industry.

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    my advice is to start with the typical Top 10 programs, which tend to be strong across the board.
    I agree. Depending on your profile, start at the top 10 or 20 or 30.

    As far as which is better, I don't know.

    For more ideas, I did find this:


    Two of the departments mentioned in the thread above, both of which have out-of-date websites:
    Extreme! Computing
    Department of Computer Science - UWO

    More departments, as you may have seen:
    site - Google Search

    Of course, you may get more ideas at Edulix by searching for "distributed" in the thread titles. One result:

    Univ list:
    Optimistic: UIUC, UWash, UMaryland, UCSD, UMass, UWisc, Rice, Brown
    Realistic: Penn State, UVirginia, UC Irvine, Ohio St.
    Safe: UMN, TAMU, VirginiaTech, SUNY SB and SUNY Buffalo

    I've shortlisted these colleges on the basis of relevant research going on in Cluster and HPC computing as well as the aid situation. Any other colleges that you think I might app to would be very helpful.

    To get more ideas, I would look at who gets published or is chairing at the good conferences, e.g.


    HPDC 2009: High Performance Distributed Computing
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    Thank you very much for the replies guys.

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