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Thread: UCSD vs USC for PhD at CS

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    UCSD vs USC for PhD at CS

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    I have accepted to both UCSD and USC for PhD.

    I have got RA fund from USC and Fellowship from UCSD.

    I am more interested in the intersection of Theoretical CS and Machine Learning. Specifically I am interested in Social Network and Big Data Analysis.

    Could you please help me with my decision?

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    Re: UCSD vs USC for PhD at CS

    First of all congratulations on your achievements. I am going through a course on Data Analytics in my university (masters course) so I keep coming across problems
    like gender classification etc, i.e. the practical problems i.e. finding out from user behaviour what is classification of users so that targeted ads can be served to users.

    That was just a kind of problem I mentioned which might be some thing similar to what you are looking for.
    There are many more similar to this.
    Can you for the post your GRE scores,your profile etc so that it can help people who are aiming for a PhD
    in the universities you mentioned.

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