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Thread: PhD at Stanford/MIT/Cornell

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    Question PhD at Stanford/MIT/Cornell

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    Hey folks,
    I just started my applications for PhD in computer security. Please take a look at my profile below and inform me if the universities I am aiming for are a possibility or not.

    GRE- 335; 167v 168q 5.0w
    TOEFL- 117; 30 in speaking, reading and listening; 27 in writing
    BE in IT from Manipal Institute of Technology- 9.47/10, rank 1 of 150
    MS in CS from ETH, Zurich- 5.18/6
    One paper published; 3 under review.
    3 recommendations from ETH; 2 from Manipal- all excellent

    Universities that I am applying to: Stanford, MIT, UCB, Cornell, CMU, Princeton, Cambridge, Oxford, Toronto, Australian National Uni.

    Do you think I have a reasonable shot at getting in them? I have been operating under the principle that the last two are 'safe' given my profile, is that a valid assumption?

    Thanks a lot for your time!

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    Re: PhD at Stanford/MIT/Cornell

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