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Thread: FYI: UNC looks good for financial aid

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    FYI: UNC looks good for financial aid

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    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a fall deadline of January 1 and seems much better than average regarding financial aid:

    During the academic year, most of our students are supported by assistantships and fellowships.

    Admissions & Financial Support (UNC-CH Computer Science)
    A profile of someone who received a TA offer along with their MS admit included perfect test scores:
    Quote Originally Posted by cooldude001

    Well, my first decision is an admit from UNC, Chapel Hill, with assistantship worth $15k.

    My profile:

    Department: Computer Science
    GPA: 9.03/10 (till pre-final year. Am in last year of undergrad.)
    GRE: 1600,6.0
    TOEFL: 300/300
    Subject GRE: Not taken
    Publications: None
    Research experience: A few projects in undergrad years
    Recos: Pretty decent (I hope)
    Nationality: Indian
    Other schools applied to:
    • Rice University (TX)
    • University of Washington
    • U wisconsin
    • University of California–Irvine
    • Harvard University (MA)
    • University of Maryland–College Park
    • Columbia University (Fu Foundation) (NY)
    • Utah university
    Some older data from 2003 gives a more typical profile:

    Following are the median credentials for the 35 first-year students who began our program in fall 2003:

    Quantitative GRE: 90th percentile
    Verbal GRE: 83rd percentile (86th with non-native speakers excluded)
    Analytical GRE: 90th percentile
    GPA (undergraduate): 3.6/4.0

    Student Backgrounds(UNC-CH Computer Science)
    Currently, the recommended general GRE scores are 90th percentile or higher:
    In recent years, most entering students have averaged in the 90th percentile or higher on each of the three sections. Allowances are made in interpreting the verbal test scores of applicants whose native language is not English. Although GRE Advanced Test scores are not required, applicants are encouraged to take the advanced test in computer science, mathematics, engineering, or physics, as appropriate.

    Graduate Admissions Requirements (UNC-CH Computer Science)
    UNC ranks at #22 in USNews for computer science, tied with Rice University and Brown University.

    Regarding the admission rate:

    Congratulations! I am delighted to inform you that we have recommended you for admission to the UNC-Chapel Hill Graduate School. You will hear from them soon. Every year less than 15% of applicants to our Department are actually accepted. Thus, your distinction as a member of this group should be noted with pride.

    thegradcafe.com — 2006–2007 Grad School Admission Results
    Regarding tuition costs for those without aid, the cost per semester for a full load (9+ credits) including fees is $10,117 :
    (If a person without aid takes 9 credits, the cost per credit including fees is $1,124. If a person takes 12 credits, the cost per credit is $843.)

    BTW, applying a few days late may be okay, though I certainly wouldn't want to be in that position. One guy at TheGradCafe who was accepted for PhD admission said he applied on January 6th last year.
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