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Thread: Help for vocabulary

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    Help for vocabulary

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    Hi everybody! I need your help.
    I just started to learn for the toefl test and i am using "mastering skills for the toefl ibt".(somebody suggest me). Besides this, usually i read different articles, especialy in economic field,but i have a big problem with my vocabulary.The average of new words that i find is 30 per day.I cant memorize them. My proces stoped finding new words with google i dont have any idea what i have to do after this.Usually i find the same words that a was looks a day before.
    What is your suggestion?

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    Hi, Endri. (Indonesian by chance?) Please take a look at this article that I wrote a while ago: How to improve your vocabulary | Urch

    I goes into great detail on my preferred method for acquiring vocabulary in a way that is natural (but not necessarily quick) and that will help you retain the words for life.
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    Re: Help for vocabulary

    I completely agree with @Erin

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