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Thread: Clause after conjunction

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    Clause after conjunction

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    This sentences have taken from CAMBRIDGEIELTS4."The 550,000 consultations with alternativetherapists reported in the 1990 surveyrepresented about an eight of the total number ofconsultations with medically qualified personnelcovered by the survey, according to Dr Laverand colleagues writing in the Australian Journalof Public Health in 1993. 'A better educated andless accepting public has become disillusionedwith the experts in general, and increasinglysceptical and empirically based knowledge,' theysaid."Let consider two following examples:1. I am Hassan, and he is Nousher.2. I eat rice and bread.In (1), a comma is placed before 'and' and itintroduces a clause which is related to firstclause that is placed before 'and' and both of thisclauses have own auxiliary verb. The last clauseis able to make sense without previous one.Please notice on the 'A better educated and lessaccepting......., and increasingly sceptical aboutscience' in the given sentence. Here a commahas been placed before 'and' but it does notintroduce any clause that can make a completesense without help of clause that is placed beforecomma. To which 'and increasingly sceptical......' is indicating? i.e, which is modified by 'andincreasingly sceptical....'?I am not familiar with this kind of structure ofsentences. Please give the link of lesson orexample related to the structure of this kind ofsentences.

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    Could you format this so that it's easier to read?

    It sounds like you're asking whether to use a comma between independent clauses. Is this correct?
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