Summary of Programme: Please summarise, in words that can be understood by a person outside your field, what your proposed
programme is intended to achieve, why you would like to undertake the proposed programme and how it is related to your prior experience
and/or future career goals. Please also provide details, including proposed dates and locations, of any proposed fieldwork and/or internships
(maximum 300 words).

The Master of International Development Practice is designed to prepare students to better identify and address the political, economic, cultural and ecological challenges leading to extreme poverty, poor health, fragile governance, inequality and environmental vulnerability. With a focus on problems of poverty and sustainable development, the course provide diverse elective options available which students can specialize in one of four streams: democracy, justice and governance; gender, conflict and security; crisis, change and management; and sustainable resource management. Graduates of the program are well-prepared to pursue careers with aid agencies in government and non-government sectors, non-government organizations, the fair trade business sector, community organizations, and international institutions.
I am taking this course, because I want to continue my dedication to development field focusing on marginalized group of people among the issues of poverty, social justice, and sustainable development. Furthermore, professional networks built from this course will allow me to exchange experiences, lesson learned and good practices from professional development practitioners around the world. These shared experiences will allow me develop, apply alternative approaches to current and emerging issues in development domain in international and national non-governmental organizations in my home country.
Importantly, I have been working on marginalized group of people such as poor households, vulnerable women and children in remote areas since 2005, this practical experience will be strongly contributed to this course. My contribution can be South East Asia development context in broader sense, in particular in Lao context. At the same time, understanding of theory in broader context combined with analytical skills from the course can lead to develop innovative ideas that I can adapt to apply in my future career after graduation. Therefore, my working experience will mutually benefit for both myself and my classmates.