Anyone have the email address of the ETS CEO (or a high ranking official)?

First I booked a test date in April 2011, for December 2011. In September the testing agent called me saying that I had to change my test date as "the test centre had to be closed for the year end holidays". I was upset that I had to cancel a planned holiday, but decided to leave things as they were after ETS ignored my complaints.

Today I was denied entry to the testing centre. I showed a valid government issued driving license, and a valid government issued identity card. In my country, neither comes with a signature, although I had affixed my signature to my driving license since the day it was issued. They rejected me on the grounds that "there was no expiry date" in the card. My passport (which is the only government issued identification that automatically comes with signature on it) was under renewal. Ironically I would have my passport had I not been forced to change the test date.

I am writing to ETS but am currently doubtful that anything would be resolved.

I am actually seriously considering suing ETS for the earlier breach of contract if they ignoring this time round. Any idea how this is done for a foreign national residing in Asia?